How to Pass Your Best Time in a Family Camping

How to Pass Your Best Time in a Family Camping
How to Pass Your Best Time in a Family Camping

It is time to listen to the call of the wild and take your family camping. You’re guaranteed a big adventure. And the chance to get close to nature. Camping is also an opportunity to unleash some creativity. It encourages moms and dads to let their hair down and try new things. Its not just little ones who can learn from bugs and wildlife after all. So, find out your best family tent. Wipe the dust off the portable stove. Check that your trusty camping chair still works. And head off on a journey into the wild. Get the kids excited by involving them in the planning process. Ask them for ideas on what they’d like to do. What activities do they think could be cool outside? Do they want to drive to other places or stay close to the tent?

The secret to successful family camping is organization. The trip will run more smoothly with a general plan of action. Keep reading for some advice on the best ways to pass the time while camping with your loved ones.

Cooking Crazy Snacks Together

You can afford to relax a little with food on a family camping trip. The kids need to be fed. They don’t have to eat the same meals as they would at home, though. This is pretty tricky on a portable stove anyway. It is better to get creative and come up with some silly, kooky recipes. Cooking together is so fun that it can easily take up a couple of hours.

Get the kids involved in the process. They probably have all kinds of great ideas for what to cook over the campfire or stove. Adapt recipes from home. A great example is nachos in a bag. Everybody has a pack of their favorite flavor Doritos. You cut the top off the bag and pour melted cheese, guacamole, and sour cream on the chips. Voila, a yummy treat.

Here are some more ideas for easy camp food meals and snacks:

  • Banana boats (banana skins filled with scrummy toppings)
  • Campfire cones (ice cream cones filled with chocolate and marshmallow)
  • Eggs in toast (fry your toast in the pan, with an egg in the middle)

Playing Silly Games around the Campsite

There’s no better way to pass the time on a family camping trip than with silly, fun games. You can make up your own or take inspiration from others. For instance, scavenger hunts are a classic idea. Give each child a paper bag. Create a list of interesting things that they need to put in the bag. It could be a wiggly worm. Or, a pine cone. You get the idea. The first one to tick all of the items off the list is the winner and gets a prize. Slightly more relaxed activities include drawing and reading stories together in the tent. They are a great idea if it is raining outside too. The best family tent is one that is spacious enough to give everybody room to move around and do their own thing.

The following are some more creative ideas for campsite games:

  • Mosquito Bites (every time you say the ‘forbidden’ word you get stuck with a red sticker)
  • Sleeping Bag Race (find an empty field and jump or crawl your way to victory)
  • Campfire Charades (this is another classic that never gets old)

Taking Everybody Out on Day Trips

You don’t have to spend all of your time at the campsite. Pick a great location and there’ll be lots of other activities and things to see close by. Older children might like the chance to go out on an afternoon hike. There are forests and coastlines up and down the country. You just have to find the one that takes your breath away. The one that you can’t wait to see with your own two eyes.

Official campsites tend to be surrounded by fun activities. Sometimes it’s treetop jungle obstacle courses. Other times it is rock climbing or learning how to surf. The best approach is to do some research about what is in the local area before you head off. Make a list of all the things that you’re interested in doing or seeing with the family. Then, share your ideas and see what they think.

The following activities are family friendly and could be available close to your campsite:

  • Petting Zoo/Working Farm (they usually welcome visitors)
  • Collecting Shells on the Beach (if you’re staying by the coast)
  • Local/Regional Museums and Exhibitions
  • Sports Facilities (tennis courts/football pitches)

Why Passing the Time on a Camping Trip Is Easier Than You Think

It can be hard to keep kids entertained even when they’re at home. So, the prospect of keeping everybody happy on a camping trip can be daunting. It isn’t as scary as you think, though. Most children are delighted to be outside and exploring nature. A safe, contained campsite is a great place to run around and act silly.


Your kids will be safe with just a little bit of vigilance from you. Try not to be too overbearing. Let them feel free and explore their limits. And be there with exciting ideas and activities when they do need some inspiration. Most of all, be willing to take your time with the little things. Read a bedtime story before they go to sleep. Teach them about different insects. Encourage them to ask questions and share their own experience.